Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a concrete contractor?

-Ask your contractor many questions and check their references. Take the time to research concrete construction.

Does the contractor carry proper insurance?

-Construction permits require a contractor to carry proper insurance. Ask your contractor to have his insurance company provide you with a Certificate of Insurance. If any employee is injured on the job you do not want to find yourself with a claim against your homeowner's insurance because the contractor was under or un-insured. Tip

Ask for referrals.

-A successful contractor will have many referrals for the type of work that you are requesting that encompass both past and recent projects. Tip

Ask about training, education, and Certifications.

-Concrete placement is hard work and there are many placement and finishing techniques that can compromise the structural integrity of the project. Ongoing education and training provides security that your contractor is well learned on the hazards of improper techniques and that your project will not become a nightmare of problems. Tip

Does the contractor hire subcontractors for any or all of the work?

-A contractor that self-performs the construction is able to produce quality work more timely and consistently than contractors who hire out labor and services. Tip

How long will construction last?

-Most standard double-wide driveways take no longer than 3 days from removal of the old driveway to completion of the project. Larger or more involved projects can take longer. Tip

How will the existing area be torn out and where will the debris be disposed of?

-Many people are disappointed to see concrete waste dumped at an unapproved site such as a dark road-side, a creek bed, or at property unknown to authorities. Tip

Ask your contractor if he or she will provide a Lien Waiver upon completion and payment?

-A contractor and/or his suppliers can file a Lien on your property if they are not paid. A Lien Waiver from the contractor insures that he has been paid for the completed project. Tip

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